Can I use WooCommerce with AccessAlly?

YES, WooCommerce and AccessAlly are compatible, and can be used together. However, because there is some overlap of capabilities, make sure you are using the appropriate features from each tool using the guide below.

How WooCommerce and AccessAlly Work Together

You can continue selling your products and memberships with WooCommerce. Every time an order is placed, you can then add a tag inside your CRM. This tag will then kickstart the automation that tells AccessAlly to create a user and then send an email to your client with their login info.

Step 1: User WooCommerce shortcodes for client info

AccessAlly and WooCommerce both offer shortcodes so your users can update their address and billing information.

If you are using WooCommerce to sell your products, make sure you use the appropriate WooCommerce pages/shortcodes to allow clients to update their address/billing info, see their orders, etc.

woocommerce AccessAlly

Not sure what to use? WooCommerce shortcode instructions can be found here.

Step 2: Use Woo to trigger a CRM tag When A WooCommerce Order Is Successful

The most important part to make sure that a WooCommerce order gives people access via AccessAlly is to trigger a tag application in the CRM whenever a successful order is placed.

How Do I Trigger a Tag in My CRM When Using WooCommerce?

If you haven’t already integrated WooCommerce With Your CRM, please see the tutorials below:

Once integrated, follow your CRM’s instructions to ensure a tag is triggered when an order is placed.

Step 3: Complete Account Creation Using AccessAlly + your CRM

After the purchase tag is added inside your CRM, you can create the appropriate automation for AccessAlly to then create a new user for the client (if needed), apply the necessary permission tags, and then send the welcome email sequence.

Final Check: Account Creation with WooCommerce

AccessAlly will communicate with your CRM to set up the necessary user accounts for your new signups.

However, when someone creates an account via Woo Commerce checkout, it allows them to choose a password and creates an account on WordPress. Ideally, you do NOT want your clients to do this via WooCommerce, since they will have an autogenerated password via AccessAlly instead.

(If they do create an account with WooCommerce and choose their own password, however, they can always reset it via AccessAlly again in the future.)

Updated on October 30, 2017

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