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GrooveAlly plugin for WordPress

Do you currently use Groove HQ as your helpdesk and Infusionsoft as your CRM system? Great! With GrooveAlly, you have the ability to pull valuable information from Infusionsoft right into Groove’s contact profile.

GrooveAlly was created to increase the efficiency for support teams. What it does is pulls the tag data from Infusionsoft right into Groove, so you can see what tags the client has, and it also creates a link to their user profile in the CRM system and with one click, you are in their profile in Infusionsoft. This eliminates the need to search time after time for the contact by name, email, or phone and can help your clients get the answers they need quickly.

Want to get started with GrooveAlly? It’s a free plugin and can be downloaded here:

GrooveAlly for Infusionsoft

How To Set Up GrooveAlly

Ready to get started with GrooveAlly? Please view the link below for a step by step tutorial on getting GrooveAlly installed.


Need to download GrooveAlly first? You can find that here:

Installation – Groove API Access Token and Infusionsoft API Key

In order to install GrooveAlly, you will need to gain access to the Groove API token and Infusionsoft’s API key. In order to get to these, you will need to the the admin of your accounts.

Groove API Token

You can get the API token by following the guide provided by Groove here:


Infusionsoft API Key

The guide provided by Infusionsoft below will give you the needed steps to getting the API key:


Installation – Cannot find .zip file (auto-unzip of file using Safari browser)

When using Safari on a Mac, the browser may automatically extract that zip file that i needed for installation of the plugin. You’ll know this happened because you’ll see a regular folder in place of a zip file.

If possible, try downloading the file with a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.

Alternatively, you can disable the auto-unzip in the Safari preferences:

Safari -> Preferences -> General, then uncheck the “Open safe files” option.

Now, please re-download the file and once the download is complete, you will then have the proper format to add into WordPress (‘.zip’ extension).

Need help loading this to WordPress?

Follow the tutorial here to get GrooveAlly installed:

Updated on October 23, 2017

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