Help! I’m getting this message: “Error while checking for update. Can’t reach update server.”

When trying to install your plugin or update the plugin, WordPress is providing you the error – [Plugin Name]: Error while checking for update. Can’t reach update server.

Likely what is occurring is the server is blocking the request. To correct this you will want to get in contact with your server host (WP Engine users can contact support over live chat for a quick resolution).

Provide your server host the following information:

1. That you are working to install a plugin and a request to ambitionallyaccess is getting a 403 error

2. Request they verify this in the access logs to verify the error

3. Inform the server host that ambitionallyaccess is an update server and the plugin will need to ping it for updates

4. Ask that the user-agent be whitelisted and that the IP address is not being blocked

user-agent: WordPress/4.5.3


Your server host should be able to confirm these and ensure they are whitelisted. Please verify at the end and then re-test your plugin installation. This should then remove the error.

Updated on December 7, 2017

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