How To Add A File Attachment To Private Notes

Do you want your membership site subscribers to be able to privately share uploaded attachments with you? This is possible with the Private Notes File Attachment feature.

When properly configured following the steps below, your membership site users can attach file(s) to private notes by:

  1. Clicking on the note itself
  2. Clicking on “add attachment”
  3. Clicking on “choose file”


NOTE: There is a 1MB size limit for files attached to ProgressAlly’s private notes.


Step 1. How To Enable Private Notes File Attachments

By default, the Private Notes feature does NOT allow users to attach files.


To enable file attachment, go to:

ProgressAlly > General Settings > Private Notes

Here, you can change the dropdown from “Do not allow attachments” to “store attachments on the local WordPress server.”

file attachment for private notes

(Underneath the “enable file attachment” section is the general Private Notes settings, where you can choose how you’d like to be notified when someone submits a Private Note via ProgressAlly.

Step 2. Enable File Attachments On Individual Notes

Once you’ve enabled file attachments in ProgressAlly’s general settings, you will still have to enable the feature on individual notes, as you add them to your membership site pages.

To do this, simply create your notes as usual in the ProgressAlly page/post settings, then use the ProgressAlly shortcode adder to add them to the content area.

Here, you’ll simply check the box if you wish to enable users to attach files to the note, as in the example below:

file attachments for private notes

Updated on June 26, 2018

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