How to Set up the Order Form and Automation for the Teams Feature

Like most of the features in AccessAlly, you may need to create an automation in your CRM that’s set to run immediately after an order is placed. This tutorial will show you the basic workflow that will need to be set up for you to automate selling (and creating) your Teams.

Step 1: Decide What Needs To Happen

First, plan out the sequence of events that you want to be automated. Have each step planned out – and make sure to include when the team should be created (#2 in the example below).

A sample workflow would be:

  1. Start/Trigger: User Purchases a Team License
  2. (Team is Created)
  3. User Receives Login Information Via Email

Step 2: Set up a Custom Operation

Go to AccessAlly > Custom Operations > Add New.


  • Choose what this operation will do: Initiate team parent
  • Select a team to initiate: [select your team from the dropdown]

Step 3: Set Up Your Order Form

Set up a product & order form for your team license. (Need a refresher on how to do that? Follow the Guide to AccessAlly’s E-Commerce feature.)

IMPORTANT: Run A Custom Operation After Purchase

As you’re setting up your offer, it’s IMPORTANT that you go to: Offers > Automations.
Select your new custom operation from step 2 from the dropdown, as indicated in the screenshot below:

Once selected, anyone who places an order through this order form will receive the “Team Leader” tag on their account.

Step 4: Set Up Your Automation

At this point, you’ve set it up so that the Team Leader will automatically be created when the order form is submitted.

If there are any follow-up actions you want automated (like sending a welcome email), you can create a CRM automation to make it happen:

A Trigger (Something To Start the Automation)

You can use the “Team Parent” tag (set up in Step 2 of this tutorial) as the trigger for your automation.

REMEMBER: The team leader is created when the user submits the order form. Your CRM automation can be extremely simple and contain only two elements:

  • Trigger: when the “team leader” tag is added
  • Send email: send a welcome email
Updated on May 7, 2018

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