How To Control Access To Your Site Content Using Tags

For an introduction on how tagging works, please see this tutorial.

AccessAlly’s content protection feature relies on your CRM’s tags. It’s an extremely versatile system that allows you to give (or revoke) access to any piece of content on your site… and automate the entire system from inside your CRM.

The tutorials will walk you through the different ways you can limit the access of your members, based on their tags.

Video Tutorial: How To Manage Page Tags and Permission Settings

Video Tutorial: How To Manage The User’s Permission Tags

This tutorial shows you how to troubleshoot, sync, and edit user’s tags within AccessAlly and between your CRM.

Video Tutorial: How To Display Conditional Content Based On Tags

Within any page or post on an AccessAlly site, you can easily use tags to hide or show different content. This is done using the Shortcode adder and pulling in live tag data for each member, so each customer’s experience will be tailored to them.

Updated on December 7, 2017

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