How to Create A Frequency Switch Option For Subscriptions

Are you offering monthly AND annual subscription options for your clients? If so, you may wish to allow them to initiate a switch, either from monthly to annual, or vice versa.

Step 1: Set Up Your Products

First, set up your products (Tutorial).

Typically, you would have a “monthly subscription” product, and a separate “annual subscription” product set up.

Step 2: Create Your Offer

Now, create two offers as you normally would:

One offer for the monthly subscription, another for the annual subscription.

Then, add the frequency switch option as shown in this video:

Step 3: Embed The Order Form Inside Your Membership Site

Lastly, make sure to embed the order form inside your membership site.

If a user is not logged in, the order form will only appear as a simple purchase (no replacement will occur).

Updated on May 18, 2018

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