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How to Create A User Director for Your Membership Site (Developer Only)

AccessAlly includes a built-in membership directory feature where users can search for and connect with each other. The member directory is a feature of AccessAlly, and compiles each WordPress user on the site, displaying select information from each user’s profile (to set up the profile pages, please see this tutorial).

The tutorials on this page will show you how to set up a searchable membership directory. Please note that a basic understanding of coding IS REQUIRED for this feature. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your developer or our support team.

The design of your membership user directory is dependent on your WordPress theme and CSS code. AccessAlly ONLY provides the functionality.


Video Tutorial:

Shortcode for adding user directory:

[accessally_user_directory directory="1"]

Shortcode for creating user-specific link:

[accessally_user_link link='/user-profile/' user_id='{[user-id]}']

User directory – User Profile Display Template:

<div class='accessally-user-directory-user'>
<div class='accessally-user-directory-user-profile'><a href="[accessally_user_link link='/user-profile/' user_id='{[user-id]}']">[accessally_profile_image user_id='{[user-id]}']</a></div>
<div class='accessally-user-directory-user-description'>
<div class='accessally-user-directory-user-name'>[accessally_inline_profile attr='name' user_id='{[user-id]}']</div>
<div class='accessally-user-directory-user-bio'>[accessally_inline_profile attr='description' user_id='{[user-id]}']</div>
Updated on January 2, 2018

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