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How To Follow Up On A Failed Payment (CRM Automation)

What happens when the billing credit card for one of your recurring subscriptions is rejected? Not only will you lose out on valuable recurring revenue, but your subscribers will also lose access to their membership or course content.

A credit card might be rejected for any number of reasons. This tutorial will show you how to automate a follow-up sequence when a credit card is rejected so that your users will automatically be notified and can update the credit card on file.

Video Tutorial

A note for ConvertKit Users:


Note: Due to limitations in ConvertKit automation, there are a couple edge cases that need to be monitored periodically. Please go to AccessAlly -> Purchase Logs and review the subscriptions with the status Failed to collect.

  • – The follow-up email sequence is canceled for any client who unsubscribes. This means the revoke rule will not be triggered.
  • – The follow-up email sequence can only be run once for each client. This means the follow-up sequence will not be run when a second payment fails

Please email ConvertKit support directly if you want to see improvements in this area. In particular, ask them to add the following features:

  1. 1. Allow tags to be added with each email in a sequence.
  2. 2. Allow email sequences to be run multiple times for the same client.
  3. 3. Allow email sequences to be run for unsubscribed users. ConvertKit doesn’t need to send the emails, but the tags and the associated rules should still be triggered
  4. 4. Add delay in automation rules.
Updated on March 16, 2018

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