How to get the HTML opt-in code from Constant Contact

PopupAlly + Constant Contact work great together! This short tutorial will walk you through how to grab the Constant Contact form code for your website opt-in.

Then, add this code, directly into your PopupAlly settings in WordPress.

1. Click on “SIGN-UP TOOLS” on the Home tab


2a. (Optional) Create a new sign-up form


2b. Make sure to check at least one of the email lists


2c. Click on Continue for Contact Fields if you don’t need additional fields


2d. Click on Finish for Form Appearance because styling can be customized in PopupAlly (Pro)


3. Click on Actions and select “Embed Code”


4. Copy the Form Code and paste it into “Constant Contact Form Code”


Constant Contact Form Code Important: paste the code below!

5. To customize your Constant Contact Thank You Page that your visitors will be redirected to, enter the URL for Thank You page you would like to send them to on your site

(If you do not want to redirect them to your page url, you can continue to use the Constant Contact thank you page that is provided by default. This will then redirect to a landing page provided by Constant Contact.)

Thank You page URL

6. Click on the Generate button and copy the code to PopupAlly (Pro) Style Settings

Updated on June 1, 2018

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