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How to Migrate to Accessally from Memberium/iMember360

If you’re porting over your membership site to AccessAlly from Memberium or iMember360, it’s likely that you already have your tags set up in Infusionsoft.

Follow this tutorial to help to streamline the transition.

If you’re installing AccessAlly on your existing membership site, find out how to enable Developer Mode during plugin migration, so you can run your both plugins side by side without issue.


When you’re creating your new courses in the AccessAlly Workflow Wizard, there’s an option that will enable you to choose an already-created page as a part of your course (See step 2 in this tutorial). This will save you time if you do not wish to re-create each of your course pages.


There’s an easy way to ensure that your members have the same permissions in the AccessAlly site as they did in your Memberium/iMember360 site. Here’s a 3-step process you can use to keep everything streamlined:

Step 1: Create a Spreadsheet for Memberium & AccessAlly Courses and Tags

Make a spreadsheet of the Memberium Courses and the AccessAlly courses alongside each other. This is where you can keep track of which tags belong to the respective courses.
The tags from Memberium will remain as-is, and as you create the new courses in AccessAlly you can put the new tags (automatically created in the AccessAlly Workflow Wizard) into the spreadsheet.

Step 2: Course & Tag Creation

Once the site setup has been completed, make sure that all of the members in Infusionsoft with tags for Course A in Memberium also receive the tags for the corresponding Course A in AccessAlly.

Step 3: Do Batch HTTP Posts to Get All the Users into AccessAlly

After all of the users have been updated in Infusionsoft, you’ll have to send the information back to AccessAlly to update their access to the new membership site. You’ll do this with a batch HTTP post – here’s how:

  1. Do a search inside Infusionsoft to find all the members.
  2. Then you’ll do the HTTP post to kickstart all these Infusionsoft contacts back in AccessAlly.

Depending on how many users you have, you may need to batch this in smaller-sized chunks.

Step 1
Search for and select the updated site members within Infusionsoft
Step 2
Step 3
Select the action set “Send an HTTP post to another server”
Step 4
This is where you’ll enter your unique HTTP post URL
Updated on January 9, 2018

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