How to reveal conditional content after someone completes a quiz or checklist

If you’d like to “hide” content until someone completes a quiz or checklist, this tutorial will show you how to use AccessAlly’s conditional content feature to make it happen.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

Step 1: Create Your Objectives

First, make sure you’ve already set up the objectives for the page.

(Make sure to add them to the page, as well, since the user will need to mark them complete before the conditional content becomes visible.)

Step 2: Add the Objective Completion Shortcode

Next, use the ProgressAlly shortcode adder to select the objective completion shortcode:

objective completion shortcode with AccessAlly Pro

The percentage section is fairly self-explanatory: if you want the user to complete ALL objectives before the content is revealed, it should be set at 100%. If you want the user to complete HALF the objectives, set it at 50%, etc.

Once configured, click on the yellow INSERT SHORTCODE button.

Step 3: Add “Hidden” content inside the shortcode

Finally, add the content you want “hidden” in between the two portions of the shortcode (as indicated in the screenshot below):

When you’re ready, make sure to save your changes.

Step 4: Test

To test and make sure you have everything configured correctly:

  • Access the page from the front end, and make sure that the content inside the shortcode is not visible when the objectives are incomplete.
  • Mark your page objectives complete. Your “hidden” content should become visible immediately when you mark them all complete.
Updated on May 21, 2018

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