How To Set Up Subscriptions (Recurring Payments) With AccessAlly

With AccessAlly’s ecommerce feature, you can create and sell subscriptions (recurring payments) to individual online courses or your membership site as a whole.

The subscriptions can be set up to charge indefinitely (until a cancel is requested by the client). This is the most common setup for a membership site subscription.

You can also set up your subscription to charge for a limited time. This is the most common setup if you’re offering a payment plan to clients for a high-end product (for example, you can sell a $1000 product in 10 monthly payments of $100 each).

Before you can use the recurring payment feature, please make sure AccessAlly is connected to your Stripe account.

Video Tutorial: How To Set Up An Indefinite Subscription / Recurring Payment

Video Tutorial: How to Set Up A Finite (Limited) Subscription

Updated on November 30, 2017

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