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What Are AccessAlly Products and How Do They Work?

Products are the different courses or programs that you’re offering. They act as the “Building Blocks” for the OFFERS.

An AccessAlly OFFER has an order form attached to it, and is made up of one or more PRODUCTS.

Video Tutorial: How to Create An AccessAlly Product

This tutorial shows you how to set up an AccessAlly Product.

*If you are using Ontraport Basic, you will need to upgrade your plan to track your sales from AccessAlly in Ontraport

Next Step: Add Your Product To An Offer

Reference Guide to AccessAlly’s E-Commerce Feature

Wondering how it all fits together? Here’s your guide to setting up and selling with AccessAlly’s e-commerce feature. Click on the links below to view the corresponding tutorials.

Step 1: Set up your payment integration
Note: If you wish to sell subscriptions with recurring payments, you must use a Stripe integration.

Step 2: Create Your Products

Step 3: Create Your Offers

Step 4: Design Your Order Forms

To add your order forms to a page, just use the AccessAlly shortcode adder!

Updated on January 3, 2018

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