What is the Idea Sanctuary Ideabook? (and other common questions)

The Ideabook is a new offering from Nathalie Lussier. Nathalie has put together a book that can help both the individual and entrpenuer organize and solve problems in a logical format.

The book is dedicated to the individual and comes in two colors – blue and yellow and can be pre-ordered at the link here:


Below are the commonly asked questions on the Ideabook. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at your@ambitionally.com and we can gladly assist.

What is the size of the Ideabook?

The Ideabook is size A5 so it is easily portable and can be taken to all places.

What material is the Ideabook made from?

The Ideabook is made of PU Leather and has a cardboard base for durability.

How many pages are in the Ideabook?

The book is 100 pages front and back.

Will the Ideabook be available for those outside of the US?

Yes! Shipping outside of the US is possible, but shipping costs may be variable.

What colors does the Ideabook come in?

The Ideabook is available in two colors: yellow and blue. It also is accompanied by a silk ribbon that matches the book color to help with marking your spot in the book.

Can I order more than one Ideabook? Is there a limit?

The Ideabook is great for personal use as well as gifts! You are welcome to order additional copies of the book, however if you are placing order for different colors, you will need to complete the order form twice.

Is there any online material for the Ideabook?

Yes, there is a mini-course that was created to help get you moving with your ideas! You can join now to login and begin your journey by using the link below:


You will be sent a login via email to get started on the course.

I pre-ordered my Ideabook, when do they get shipped?

The pre-ordered books begin shipping August 1, 2017.

Got futher questions? Please email us!

Updated on November 1, 2017