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Your Guide To AccessAlly Pro Quizzes

Wondering how to unlock the potential of AccessAlly Pro quizzes? This Guide will walk you through the different options – and link out to the step-by-step tutorials so you can implement the ideas in your own membership site or online course.

Types of Quizzes

Create three different types of quizzes with AccessAlly Pro. (Only one can be active on a page/post at any given time.)

  • Graded – this quiz type will track correct answers to give the user a percentage-based grade.
  • Personality – this quiz type can have multiple, custom-defined outcomes.
  • Scoring – with this quiz type, you can “weight” certain responses so that a user scores high or low depending on which answers they selected.

Setup and Display Options

In addition to setting up the questions themselves, there are a couple of additional settings to take note of:

Retaking a Quiz – You decide how many times a user can retake the quiz through this setting. (Tutorial)

View Quiz on a Single Page (or multiple “mini pages”) – Display all your quiz questions at once, or divide into multiple “mini pages” with this option. (Tutorial)

Tag someone when they complete a quiz – You can add unique CRM tags to your logged-in users when they complete a quiz. (Tutorial)

Quiz Completion Options

What happens when a user completes a quiz? You decide!

Here are a few options:

Tracking results

Finally, if you’re ready to take your membership site or online course analytics to the next level, be sure to keep track of your Quiz stats. (Learn how with this tutorial: How to Review Quiz Answers on a Spreadsheet / CSV )

Updated on January 2, 2018

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